About Wb Adviser

What is Wb Adviser?

Wb Adviser is designed to provide general information about any website such as search engine positions, WhoIs information, user statistics etc. We collect data from time to time, maximum in 3 months in order to keep all information update. Not only webmasters, but also non-web-related users can benefit from this large source.

How do we collect data?

Our priority is to crawl every website homepage to keep our database update. In each crawl, we also take a screenshot of website aiming to show users what does that website look like. We also use search engines and Alexa for more statistical information.

Why Wb Adviser?

There are tons of website on web today and of course competition exists. You can not only find all statistical information about any website but also can compare it with any other website to see differences. In fact, you can reach most of information of Wb Adviser without itself but they are all apart from each other hosted in different websites. We are proud of serving you a large database containing all information so you can check all at once.

Wb Adviser is an archive of website analysis data. Webmasters and anyone else interested in getting data about domains can use the search bar.

Our aim is to provide general information about a website that could be helpful in giving better understanding of the structure of a website and how it ranks globally.

This information includes:

  • - Site Title : The text that appears in the browser toolbar.
  • - Description : This is the content of the website homepage's meta descrition element.
  • - Description Length : The length, in characters, of the description element.
  • - Keywords : Words or phrases that the website's designer have used to describe the site.
  • - Keywords Length : The length, in characters of, the meta keywords element.
  • - Server Status : Whether the server is online or not.
  • - IP : The IP of the server of the website's server and the country where it's located.
  • - Domain extension : The top level domain of the website, e.g. .com, .net, .us.
  • - Domain Age : The amount of time that the domain has been registered with its current owner.
  • - Registrar : The organization that manages and has the authority to sell domain names.
  • - Ping Time : The time, in milliseconds, for a packet of data to travel from a node to the server and back.

Along with new websites added to our database, existing website information is constantly updated.
Get started ! If you would like to get data about a website please enter a domain below and click on the "Search or Add URL" button.
Our system will crawl the website and bring you updated information.
Once you get the results, if you would like to compare the website data with another one please clickon the "Compare This Site To Other Sites" button at the top of the page.