What should I remember before buying web hosting and where should I get it?

In today’s article, we will talk about Web Hosting. Along with this, we will answer many questions related to Hosting like What is Hosting? Or Types o
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What should I remember before buying web hosting and where should I get it?

In today’s article, we will talk about Web Hosting. Along with this, we will answer many questions related to Hosting like What is Hosting? Or Types of Hosting? Or Where To Buy Hosting? And along with this, we will also tell you what things should be kept in mind before buying Hosting. So that in future you will not have any problem related to Hosting.

We are confident that after reading this article completely, you will get to know a lot about Hosting. And if you have any question related to this, then that too will be cleared. So, read this article till the end.

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a service provided by different types of hosting companies, with the help of which any person can create any type of website or blog and keep their data online at all times. Through which any person can access the website from any corner of the world through a browser.

If we want to access the data of any website or blog from our phone or computer, then the data of that blog or website should be present on the Internet. For this, the help of Hosting is taken, in today’s time there are many companies, which provide the facility of Hosting. And for this she takes some money from her consumers.

If you want, you can keep the data of your website online with the help of your computer. But this task is very difficult to do with a normal computer. Because you cannot keep a normal computer connected to the Internet at all times. And keeping it maintain is also a difficult task.

Whereas the hosting companies provide very large hosting servers, which are very powerful. Servers contain a lot of hard-disk, in which data can be stored. And all those servers are connected to the Internet all the time. Apart from this, those companies also have Technical Staff, which are available to keep Servers Maintained at all times. Due to which the data of various types of websites in them are also connected to the Internet at all times. In this way, various types of websites or blogs also remain online at all times with the help of hosting.

How does Web Hosting work?

In simple words, understand this in this way –

Whenever any type of website or blog is created, it has some data at that time. Which is either in the web developer’s computer, or it is stored on the hosting server of a company. If that data is uploaded to the hosting server of any company, then that data becomes available on the Internet. Because that Hosting Server is connected to the Internet all the time.

Whenever a person wants to get any information from that website, for this, he searches about that website by putting the URL address of that website on his phone or on any computer browser like (Chrome, UC Browser, Opera Mini) etc. . When that website shows in the search result, the information of that website will be present on the hosting server of the company, when the user accesses it, from there the information user will get it.

In this way, a hosting company works to keep the data of other websites on its server online at all times. By which users of those websites can access their data. And for this facility Hosting Companies charge different Charges according to the facility used from the owners of different Websites.

How many types of Web Hosting is there?

There are a lot of hosting available today, but according to the quality and convenience of the hosting server, we mainly use these four types of hosting.

  • 1- Shared Web Hosting
  • 2- VPS Web Hosting
  • 3- Dedicated Web Hosting
  • 4- Cloud Web Hosting

What is shared Web Hosting?

This is a type of cheap hosting. In this, a lot of Websites’ data is stored on the same server by the Hosting Providers companies. Because of which the cost of this hosting is very low.

Shared Hosting has a nice server, in that the data of many websites is provided a little space. Just like in a college room, a lot of children study together. In the same way here, websites also use the server together.

This type of hosting is often used by people with a new blogger or new business. Because at that time they do not have the income to spend more.

Benefits of Shared Hosting

  • 1- Shared Hosting is not very expensive, and can be used for less cost.
  • 2- Beneficial for new business people.
  • 3- More than one website can be hosted in Shared Hosting.
  • 4- User Friendly Control Panel is available for consumers in Shared Hosting.
  • 5- The Technical Staff of Hosting Companies help in solving any problem.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

  • 1- You do not get a lot of facilities in Shared Hosting.
  • 2- In this, many websites use the same server together, so the performance of those websites is not very good.
  • 3- In this, you get very little or almost no control in the configuration of the server.
  • 4- Security of this type of hosting is also not very advanced.

What is VPS Web Hosting?

In this type of hosting, a very powerful server is divided into a virtual server. And many websites are provided with virtual servers one by one. And they all use their own Virtual Server independently.

You can understand it this way, suppose a college room has a lot of seats. And each of those seats is given to individual students. That is, a student sits on a seat and does his work independently. Similarly, this VPS Web Hosting also works.

If there is too much traffic on your website, and you cannot buy a Dedicated Server for yourself, then you can use VPS Web Hosting. Due to the use of different Websites Virtual Server in VPS Web Hosting, they get better security and performance.

Benefits of VPS Web Hosting

  • 1- In VPS Web Hosting, customers are provided with Root Access to the software of the server, from which customers can configure according to their usage.
  • 2- Due to increasing traffic on other websites in VPS Web Hosting, there is no problem on the performance of your website.
    Dedicated is cheaper than a server and in this you get very good customer support.
  • 3- Server Space resembles a Dedicated Server.
  • 4- Very good performance and security is available at low cost.

Disadvantages of VPS Web Hosting

  • 1- VPS Web Hosting is slightly more expensive than Shared Web Hosting.
  • 2- Technical knowledge is required to manage and use VPS Web Hosting.
  • 3- In this, you are not provided with much resources like Dedicated Server.

What is Dedicated Web Hosting?

In Dedicated Web Hosting, a very powerful and Secure Server is used for the same website. In this type of hosting, you get complete freedom, meaning you can manage the hosting server according to your wish in any way.

This type of hosting is used only when a large amount of traffic arrives at a website all the time. Because this web hosting is very expensive, it is used by big companies like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Snapdeal.

You can understand it this way in easy words, suppose a room in a college is given to a student. And that student can do anything in that room as per his wish, in the same way this Web Hosting also works.

Benefits of Dedicated Web Hosting

  • 1- This hosting is considered to be the most secure and powerful.
  • 2- Its performance is very good.
  • 3- In this type of hosting, the customer gets full control of the server and Root Access.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Web Hosting

  • 1- This web hosting comes very expensive.
  • 2- To use Dedicated Web Hosting, you must have technical knowledge.

What is Cloud Web Hosting?

In today’s time, everyone is getting more attracted towards Cloud Web Hosting, because the data of a single website is present in all the servers of a hosting company across the world.

This means that whatever company provides the service of Company Cloud Web Hosting, they have their server in almost all the countries in the world. When you buy cloud web hosting service from them, they provide the facility to upload the data of your website to all their servers.

Whenever a user of your website wants to access any information by accessing your website, then he will get that information from the server of that country.

Due to this, the website takes very less time to load and both the loading speed and performance of the website increases. At the moment, people are using Cloud Web Hosting, whose traffic on their website comes from different countries. But in future it will be used in very large quantities.

Benefits of Cloud Web Hosting

  • 1- You get very good facilities in this.
  • 2- The performance of the website is very good.
  • 3- In this, you only have to pay as much as you have used.
  • 4- If ever a server goes down, it does not cause any problem on your website.
  • 5- Get very good Customer Support.

Disadvantages of Cloud Web Hosting

  • 1- You sometimes do not get full control over the server.
  • 2- It is a bit expensive, and it is difficult to estimate the actual cost.

Which is better Windows VS Linux Web Hosting?

Most web hosting companies provide two types of hosting, the first being Windows Hosting and the second is Linux Hosting. There is not much difference between these two.

Linux Hosting is mostly used for Shared Web Hosting. Linux is cheaper in terms of Hosting Cost because it uses Linux as its Server Operating System. It supports PHP and MySQL. Which support scripts like WordPress.

While Windows uses Windows as Hosting’s Server Operating System, which facilitates special types of technologies such as SSP, NET, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL). Therefore it is expensive. Most blogs or website use Linux hosting only.

What are the features of Web Hosting?

Web Hosting has the following features.

  • 1- With its help, you can create a blog and create content in it and make it available to others on the Internet.
  • 2- With its help, you can make an e-commerce website for yourself.
  • 3- With its help, you can make your Portfolio available on the Internet at all times.
  • 4- If you have a business, you can promote online by creating a website for it.
  • 5- With its help, you can run a news company by creating a news website.

How to choose the Correct Web Hosting?

Choosing the right web hosting is a very difficult task. To choose the right web hosting one should pay attention to many factors, so that you do not face any kind of problem in future. If you want to buy web hosting for yourself, then understand all the factors mentioned below, and only then choose a web hosting.

Disk space

Disk Space indicates the storage capacity of your hosting. This means that according to the amount of disk space you will get in your hosting, you will be able to store your data on the hosting server. Therefore, you should take as much storage capacity hosting as necessary. Generally, storage capacity is available from 2GB to 10TB in a web hosting.


Bandwidth is very important for a correct hosting, as it determines how much data can be accessed from your website at the same time. This means that when a Visitor visits a website, then the server of that website sends some data to that Visitor. When the server will send a lot of data together to a lot of people, it can be down, if the bandwidth of your hosting will be less. So whenever you buy Hosting, buy only the maximum Bandwidth.


Here Uptime means, how long your website stays connected to the Internet. Almost all hosting companies claim to give 99.9% Uptime, but some companies guarantee 99.9% Uptime. So buy a hosting plan of the same company that provides more than 99.9% Uptime.

Email Account

There are also some web hosting companies that offer email with Hosting. With this, you can create an Email Account for your website and get all the necessary information from comments to it.

Monthly Visitors Limitation

Here Monthly Visitors Limitations means that how many people can visit your website in 1 month. Therefore, while choosing a hosting plan, you should know the number of visitors to your website. If more visitors from Limit will come to your website, then your website may be down.

If your website is brand new, then you can choose Shared Web Hosting for this because very few visitors come to your website at that time.

Free SSL Certificate

Some companies provide SSL Certificate in Free along with their Web Hosting Plan. With the help of SSL Certificate, your website is protected from various types of viruses and Fake Visitors. Therefore, use SSL Certificate for your website.

Free Domain

Some companies also provide free domain with their web hosting plan, which saves your domain money. So when purchasing Web Hosting, give priority to the company that provides you the domain for free.

One click WordPress Installation

This facility is very beneficial for newcomers.

In this, companies provide one click wordpress installation facility to their customers. Meaning that in a single click you can complete the process of WordPress installation. And you will not face any problem in installing WordPress. So first give priority to the company that provides this facility if you do not have knowledge of WordPress installation.

Backup Facility

This facility is very important for any website, because with the help of this, the data of the website is backed up by the hosting companies. Therefore, if there is a problem in the website in the future, then its data can be restored again. Almost all the hosting companies provide the facility of backing up the data of websites on different timelines.

Customer Support

If you are new to Blogging or this type of digital world, then you should buy hosting of the company whose customer support is good. Because there may be many problems while creating a website, which you may not solve, the technical staff of the companies can help you.

In the end it comes to money, it depends on you how much money you want to buy hosting. If you are completely new then you can buy Shared Web Hosting plan.

From which company to buy Web Hosting?

Today there are many companies available that provide this facility. But buying Hosting from a good company is hard work, because many companies make good claims but their facility is not very good.

Therefore, we have selected some good companies based on the factors mentioned above, whose facility is really excellent.

  • 1- Hostinger
  • 2- Bluehost
  • 3- A2 Hosting
  • 4- GreenGeeks
  • 5- SiteGround
  • 6- CloudWays

You can buy Hosting from any of them.

FAQs On Web Hosting

We have given you answers to some of the questions here related to Hosting and are frequently asked.

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a facility provided by Hosting Companies, with the help of which you can keep your website connected to the Internet at all times.

What is the type of Web Hosting?

There are mainly four types of web hosting.

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • VPS Web Hosting
  • Dedicated Web Hosting
  • Cloud Web Hosting

Also there is another Hosting Famous which is known as WordPress Hosting.

How to choose the right Web Hosting?

While choosing the right web hosting, be sure to pay attention to the following points.

  • Disk Space
  • Bandwidth
  • Uptime
  • Customer Support
  • Monthly Visitors Limitation
  • SSL Certificate
  • Backup Facility
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • One click WordPress Installation Features

What is the cheapest Web Hosting?

Cheapest Hosting Shared Web Hosting is considered. Because the same server uses a lot of websites together.

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