What is Twitter Mute Account? How to Mute Users on Twitter

If you would rather not see someone's tweet on your Twitter Timeline, or need to get notification of his tweet, then, at that point, you can Mute it,
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If you would rather not see someone's tweet on your Twitter Timeline, or need to get notification of his tweet, then, at that point, you can Mute it, as you can obstruct someone, so that person doesn't see you tweet. Essentially, by having a Twitter Mute account, you won't see the tweets of that person, on the off chance that you would rather not unfollow your companions or any Twitter users with this feature.

But in the event that you could do without the tweets shared by him, then you can likewise mute it, with this anything he tweets in photo, video and so on, you won't see it on the landing page, it additionally incorporates Mute Words and Notification etc.,

You can compose any word in it and the words you compose will be in the text of any tweet, then you won't see that tweet on the landing page, comparatively you can mute the notifications of those you are following or not following. Furthermore, you can mute and unmute any users on Twitter from the landing page in an extremely straightforward way.

How to Mute Someone on Twitter?

What is Twitter Mute Account? How to Mute Users on Twitter

If you would rather not see anyone's tweet on your Twitter course of events, then you have 2 options for this, first you can hinder that client and second you can Mute him, the option with Mute is additionally great. Since someone is your Twitter Friend whom you would rather not block, simply don't have any desire to see his tweet on your Timeline, then, at that point, you can mute him, when you make someone's Twitter Mute Account, then, at that point, that person will share his account photos, recordings. On the off chance that anyone tweets in gif and so on, it doesn't show up on your account,

If there are many individuals in your supporters or following rundown, out of which you could do without tweets of certain individuals, then you can mute them, so they stay in your adherents and following rundown, however their tweets won't show you on the landing page, Just as in Social Messaging Apps, users get the option to mute the visit, so that in the event that someone messages you, their notification isn't gotten thus that you don't realize that someone has informed you.

What is Twitter Mute Account? how to mute users on twitter

Mute Account on Twitter is the only component of its security, there is a question of certain individuals that the client whose account is muted, he can coordinate message on Twitter, or he can be immediate informed, then there is a Mute on Twitter. Account can be Direct Messaged, there are numerous options accessible to Mute Message and Chat in Messaging Apps, and when a visit is muted, after that it doesn't show up on the landing page, In Twitter You can likewise see the rundown of muted accounts.

That is, you can see the rundown of what number individuals you have muted, and you can likewise unmute any of them, to utilize this element, you don't need to go to Twitter's site in a desktop program however in the Twitter App itself. There is an option to have a Mute account and view its rundown, this is a protection include utilizing which you can conclude which tweets you need to see on your course of events and which tweets you would rather not see.

How to Mute Twitter Account?

  • After opening the Twitter application on your phone, open the profile of any client you need to mute, if you need to mute someone in your adherents, then subsequent to tapping on your profile icon, go to the profile, and afterward on Followers Click on it, you will see every one of your supporters, click on whomever you need to add to Twitter Mute Account.
  • Now his profile will be open, here you will see an option with 3 spot in the right side, subsequent to tapping on this option, select the option with Mute.
  • After this you will be approached to confirm once, that you truly need to mute this client, you need to tap on the Yes I m Sure option.
  • Now you have effectively made Twitter Mute Account, which you can likewise unmute, for this you can go to his profile and select the option with Unmute, and the option is additionally accessible in Twitter settings.

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