How to Start a Blog on a Mobile Device? Simple Method for Making and Publishing a Blog

How to Start a Blog from Mobile? In this universe of today, we frequently hear about news blogs or VIP blog destinations that give various kinds of in
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How to Start a Blog on a Mobile Device? Simple Method for Making and Publishing a Blog

How to Start a Blog from Mobile? In this universe of today, we frequently hear about news blogs or VIP blog destinations that give various kinds of information through blogs on those websites. A blogger is one who frequently composes according to a personal viewpoint so he can connect with his readers. In addition, most blogs also have a "remark" section where readers can connect with the blogger and give them their suggestions.

Today many individuals are earning great by making their own blogs and this is also an effective method for earning money. Many individuals also do Mobile Blogging. With this, you can also turn into a decent blogger. Today's post we have brought for the people who want to make a career in blogging by creating a mobile blog. In this, you will be given information about what is blogging, how to do blogging, how to create a blog and how to do blogging from mobile.

Blogging is extremely easy by creating a blog on mobile and there are many Best Mobile Blogging platforms on which you can create a blog. You will also get a great deal of Mobile Blogging Sites for creating a blog. So how about we know how to start Blogging from mobile, through which your work will become easier?

How to Create a Blog from Mobile

There are different platforms on which to create a blog on mobile. However, with the Mobile Blogging Platform mentioned above, you will actually want to create a blog in a brief time frame. All you have to do is follow the means given below:

Step 1: Go To Browser And Search Blogger

To do Mobile Blogging, most importantly, go to Browser and search Blogger in the search box. After this, another page will open in front of you. In this, the principal connection of Blogger.Com you have to tap on that connection. After this, you click on Create A Blog or Sign In.

Step 2: Log In

You should sign in with your Gmail ID and on the off chance that you are already signed in, you will be diverted to Blogger's home page.

Step 3: Enter Email ID

Put your email in it. Assuming you have forgotten your email ID, you can tap on Forget Email. After this, click on the option of Next. Put your password in it and snap on the following option.

Step 4: Create a Blog

Now you have to follow the means given beneath to create your blog.

Title - another page will appear in front of you, in this, you have to choose the title of the webpage, that is, you have to enter the name of your blog.
Address - Enter your blog's address in it.
Template - You have to choose a pleasant template for your blog.
Create Blog - After this snap on Create Blog.

Your blog has been created. You can see it by tapping on View Blog and composing and sharing your post in it.

How to Publish a Blog from Mobile

You can also utilize the Chrome program to distribute a blog from mobile. Yet, in the event that you distribute a blog through the app, it will be easier for you. Then, we will let you know the Best Mobile Blogging App with which you can distribute a blog.

You can utilize the assistance of the Blogger Android App to compose the post in the right format. Through this, text, Italic, Bold and URL can be added without altering HTML Code.

To distribute the post with the assistance of this app, follow the means given below.

Download And Install App - Download and install this app.

Open App - Now open the app. As soon as you open it, you won't have the option to sign into it.

Create Mobile Blog - In this, you have to compose an immediate post. The title, tags and description of the post will appear on the app's home page.

Post Title - Enter the title of the post and start composing the post.

Add Image - You can add an image to a post by going to the menu of the app.

Add Link - Add Link

Write Post Tag - Write the tag of your post and distribute the post.

Connect Account - When you are publishing a post for the initial time, connect the account and allow it. After which the post will be published.

So with the assistance of this app, you will actually want to distribute your post. This app is absolutely free.

Mobile Blogging App For Students

Next, you have been given some more Mobile Blogging Apps with the assistance of which you can distribute your blog.

WordPress Official App

You can also distribute a blog by signing into the WordPress application. The WordPress app is extremely easy to utilize. On the off chance that you create a blog on WordPress, you should utilize this app.

Blogger App

You can also distribute posts through this app. This is also a decent app for publishing posts. So download and install the app. After this, you distribute all sorts of posts with the assistance of this app.


Through these apps, you will get a ton of help in creating and publishing blogs on mobile. This is a great way to create a blog from mobile. To create a great blog and distribute your post with your mobile phone. So companions, how did you like to remark on this post and on the off chance that you enjoyed the post, similar to it, share it and stay connected with us for similar information, thank you.

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